Business Fashion Tips

Business Fashion Tips

Wear the latest fashion trends, but try to build your own personal style. Our approach to dressing is mostly based on a timeless style, and a real life wardrobes good for dining, travelling and working. The first step is to choose clothes that look great on you. Every women want to wear trendy, but most of women cannot follow the trends.

Business fashion

It is no hard to find good cloths for business days, just going to any fashion brand shop downtown and looking for classic suites. The problem start when you are asked to be a little relaxed, when the dark grey suit is too formal.

Casual Friday

It is a style of dress that’s elegant enough for business, but casual, comfortable and easy. It takes name from cloths dresses by workers on Fridays, when are ready for leaving town for the week end. Comfortable and chic at the same time. Less formality, but always in style.


  • Cashmere sweater instead of a formal jacket is acceptable
  • Wool in winter or linen in summer trousers but classic silhouette
  • A navy blazer jacket with 2 bottoms and blue jeans trousers leather brown shoes
  • Heels for ladies can be ok, but be careful that total look wouldn’t be too sexy


  • Scratch jeans are too informal
  • Short skirts could be too sexy for business meetings
  • Dirty or non pressed shirts
  • Sneakers shoes

The most important part of style is you, find your exclusive look rather than following trends.

Timeless wardrobe

  • Always choose clothes that emphasize your body and femininity
  • The make up must bring attention to your face
  • Dark colors let you look slimmer, black is good for about all occasions but wedding
  • Wearing black to get a chic effect
  • Shoes with heel and pearls for evening
  • Sneakers only for daytime
  • Monochromatic look eliminates the problem to mix different colours of clothing and accessories
  • Simple elegant collections taking into great consideration your comfort
  • Put most of your money into shoes and trendy accessories
  • Chic style includes red lipstick and pearls for evening party and sunglasses for daytime

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