Hunt for the Perfect Jeans

I have not lost a single pound of weight this year. I have, however, turned almost all of my fat and flab into toned muscle. I have slimmed down a lot – and none of my clothes fit me anymore! I knew I needed to invest in new clothes that fit, but being on a budget I also knew that I had to find the best deals.

So I have been waiting and waiting for Kohls’ Lowest Prices of the Season. Kohls may change their prices more often than most people change their underwear, but when they declare them to be the Lowest they aren’t lying. Plus, I feel that Kohls is the best quality-to-price ratio. And yesterday started the season’s lows – so I went shopping!

I bought a few new shirts, a pair of sandals to replace some grubby ones, but mostly I hunted for new jeans. It was a little depressing. Yes, size 4 was falling off of me when I was previously a 6 to 8, but it was sad. I have no hips or butt and thus cannot wear women’s pants. I had to shop in junior’s. After digging through the ridiculous fade marks, fake paint splatters, and pre-made rips, I found a pair that was decent and brought them home.

When I got home, I discovered a hole starting in the crotch of my favorite splurge jeans and was even more upset. But then I went through my closet and found four pairs of jeans that fit perfectly! Just a few months ago these pants were too tight!

Need new clothes? Consider shopping in your own closet first!

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