Women’s Style Guide

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The importance of first impression

How others see you mostly depens on your look. You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. When meeting new people, you perceive others within 10-20 seconds, and it is very hard to modify this opinion. The same is for others when meeting you. Your image counts, and can make the difference in both work and social life. Maximize your style, more and more people will appreciate you increasing you self esteem. In today’s world, everyone must do his best to have a winning image, thanks to fashion clothing, exercise, and a diet if necessary.

  • clothes must fit correctly
  • clothes mustn’t wrinkle
  • avoid trend clothes that don’t look good on you
  • match suit and shoes, in colour and design, never tennis shoes coupled to a elegant suits, or viceversa, sport cothes with leather black shoes
  • avoid a skirt too short
  • avoid too many colours when mixing pieces
  • use the right accessories, avoid to wear too many jewelry

Your image

Style is different from fashion, fashion comes and goes away, style is for ever, style is the capacity to mix clothes and accesories, not wearing what others said you must have to be trendy. What you wear is your business card.

How to build your wardrobe

Knowing what suits you perfectly, allows you to save a lot of time and money, you won’t spend hours to choose the best cloth from your wardrobe, but you know exactly what you will wear for that occasion. Here are a few tips for your wardrobe:

  • lifetime design for your basic items
  • avoid fashion jackets that will become history in 30 days
  • high quality clothing for basic pieces of your wardrobe
  • add a fashion accessories to be always trendy
  • choose no more than 3 colours for 90% of the items of your wardrobe
  • black will never be out
  • never buy on impulse, buy what is missing in your wardrobe

The right formal look

There are many occasions where a formal look is expected such as a job interview or dining. If you take care of your image, others think that you will take care your job or your loved one. Talking about formal look, means talking about tailored work clothes, trousers must fit, jackets must be comfortable enough to sit down. Choose traditional basic colors, gray and black for suit, blue or white for shirts. Avoid garish jewelry that distract others from you and what you say. During the day, never be too sexy! Avoid miniskirts, high hells, coloured make up.

The importance of colour

Colours can make the difference. If you choose the right colour you can look slimmer and younger than you are. You must know the combination that suits you.

How to look slimmer

  • wear clothes that fit you perfectly
  • dressing in just one colour, better if black or navy
  • avoid light colours
  • if you prefer mixing colurs, use dark colour for pants and light colour for T-shirt
  • wear always heels
  • choose vertical lines, never horizontal ones

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