Fashion Tips Colors

Fashion Colors

Based on a scientific research, colour is the first thing people notice when meeting new people or new products. Before wearing a t-shirt, think about other people could be influenced by your colour. Starts using the influence of colours to take an advantage, what impression do you want to transmit your friends or co-workers? black means power, green has a relaxing effects, red is the colour of passion.

Black is good in any situation

Black is the most popular colour for clothes because black can be used both in formal and informal occasions. A black cloth gives an impression of elegance and power, good for both a business meeting or an informal party. Black cloth is a safe colour, elegant and easy at the same time, just changing accessories, it is good in any situation. If you wear a red cloth for a business meeting, other partner will pay too much attention on you. If you wear red you must be perfect, and never say something wrong. All what you do and what you say will be amplified. The woman in red is a famous movie, but it was Kelly Le Brook! Wearing black is good for any situation, but always black means that you don’t feel enough safe to take risks. It is better to wear also other colour, for a business meeting neutral colours are good, for a formal meeting a dark blue cloth is good as black. We will help you how to build your own individual style and how combine more colours and accessories.

How to mix colour to your advantage

Coordinating colours is hard, but different colours of clothes and accessories could emphasize your individual style, and others can notice your skills in mixing colours. Mix light colours for a summer meeting, and use dark colours, black and navy for a formal look.

The importance of color groups

1)Cool colours give a sense of calm and tranquillity, blue, violet, green
2)Warm colours stimulate the nervous system, red is a strong colour, yellow is a no impegativo colour
3)Neutral colors because aren’t on the rainbow colour, and are made by mixing others, give a positive influence. Black means authority, white (scientifically isn’t a colour, because is the absence of colour), means innocence.

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