Online Shopping – With a Friend!

There are times when you really need some girl time and what better way to get that than shopping? The only problem is, we’re all so busy with kids, husbands, jobs and life in general, that we just don’t have the time to get together with our girlfriends! There is a way you can still get that girl time and it might not be quite as fun as the real thing, but you can stay in your pajamas and I promise your feet won’t hurt at the end of your shopping trip!

Grab your computer, your favorite instant messenger program(or email for those of you who don’t like to IM) and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine if you’re so inclined. Start surfing and share what you find with your friend. If she’s anything like my friends, she won’t be shy about her opinions! If you want to take it a degree of friendship farther, call your pal on the phone and talk about the things you’re looking at together. You can do this when the kids are in bed or the baby is napping. It’s much easier than trying to get together in person.

It might sound cheesy. It might sound geeky and no fun at all, but really, when you need to shop, you need to shop! I have one friend who shops with me all the time. We spent a lot of time at Nordstrom looking at Uggs this past winter!

It’s fun to do window shopping with your friend. There’s always Tiffany’s! Sephora is fun when you’re looking for girlie things. Of course, nothing beats going to Sephora in person to try out the make-up though!

See? Online shopping doesn’t have to be done alone. While nothing can be a day of power shopping with your best friend, you don’t always have to end the day with a blister on your foot!

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